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March 2017 £50 No. 63 M Edwards
£30 No. 43 C. Stewart


Dear Friends, Residents and Members of the St Giles Parish,

St Giles C of E Primary School are planning to celebrate the school’s 60th Anniversary on Saturday 13th May between 4pm and 10 pm, here at St. Giles’ C of E Primary School. We would like to invite you to come and join in the fun celebrations which will be held throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Admission is free but a small donation for admission would be appreciated.

The Friends of St Giles have been busy organising some great activities for everyone, to include an array of stalls, pupil talent show, bouncy castles, Tug–of-War, BBQ, beer, wine and prosecco bar followed by an exciting evening of musical entertainment for all the family from local musicians and bands.

We are really interested to hear from any local residents, former pupils, teachers, governors or anyone you know that has had an association with our school over the years. This can be anything from the 60 years that the school has been on this site, or from previous years in ‘the other building up the road!’

We would like any memorabilia contributions to be shared with our pupils and visitors in a display of photos, press cuttings, uniform and anything else associated with our wonderful school on the day for all to see.

We are expecting a large crowd to celebrate with us and would love you to join in with the school in doing so. Please do come along and join in the fun, friendship and reminiscing together as a community.

If you have anything that you would like to share or loan us for the event, please contact the Friends of St Giles on or our Facebook page ‘St Giles C of E Primary School 60th Celebration Day’. We look forward to seeing many of you here on the 13th May!
Mrs Susan Ridge, Head Teacher


Both St. Giles and St. Margaret’s celebrated Easter in style. The Day itself, though not very warm, saw good congregations at both churches, and we enjoyed refreshments afterwards. Before that there had been the Procession of Palms on Palm Sunday. Sadly we couldn’t get a donkey to accompany us, but if anyone has one to offer for next year, do get in touch with Karen.

Maundy Thursday was a special day, where we remembered Jesus’ “New Commandment” – to love one another, and to show that love by doing service for each other. This was symbolised by the Washing of Feet (more necessary in the Middle East than here, perhaps, but definitely an act of service), and the Vigil till midnight.

Then on Good Friday St. Margaret’s was the venue for a three-hour period of prayer, contemplation and music, with people coming and going for as long or as short as they wished. Silence is becoming a rare commodity these days, but it was here as a blessing and a grace. By contrast Reverend Karen preached a short sermon to a packed Black Horse in the evening, a custom now some 80 years old, but continuing a much longer tradition.

At St. Giles on Easter Eve, there were some incendiary activities, as we lit a bonfire outside the church so that the Easter candle could be lit and brought into the church. Light, as well as love, is a powerful Christian testimony to God’s presence in all of us. At St. Giles, we welcomed our friends from King Charles the Martyr who are awaiting the choice of a new Priest. They boosted our serving team, greatly increased our congregation and shared in our celebrations afterwards. We are very grateful for them coming to us.

So what next? As Doug Ryan says elsewhere in this magazine, there is Rogation Sunday, 21st May, when we process from church to the fields close by, and bless them to give us a good harvest in the Autumn. We mark Christ’s Ascension on 25th May, and after that we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit among us, on 4th June, the feast of Pentecost, when the disciples received the Holy Spirit enabling them to spread the Good News of Jesus. We pray that we too may be so Blessed today.

A couple of weeks ago I was enjoying a pint with a friend. We were discussing all sorts of things from football to cars to what was currently on the TV. Somehow the conversation came around to what services were being held in Church in the near future. Now my friend is not particularly religious, so I was quite surprised at his interest. Apparently someone had mentioned that a Rogation service was going to be held, after Easter at his local church. He had never heard of such a service and wanted to know what it was all about. As a “townie” I had to admit that before I started to worship at St Margaret’s I would have had no idea myself.
Well, I said, you will know about the Harvest Festival services, where prayers and thanks are offered to God for the safe gathering of the crops. Yes!! of course he knew all about that. So I went on to explain that the Rogation Service is a one that is held at around the time when the seeds for those crops are sown. At this service we are asking for the Lords blessing that the crops will be abundant, that he will send rain and sunshine and so bless us with a good harvest later in the year. We are also asking that the folk who will be caring for these crops will be safe as they do their work. In bygone days these prayers would have often been said as the parishioners walked in procession around the boundary of their parishes.
So, in a nutshell it’s Rogation in the Spring and Harvest in the Autumn. He was happy with that explanation and hopefully he will get the date of his church’s Rogation service and join them.
Our Rogation service at St. Margaret’s will be at 9.15 on May 21st. We’ll start our service with a short walk through the Church yard and into one of the fields at the back of the Church. There we’ll have a short prayer and a hymn before making our way back into the Church for the rest of the morning service. After the service there will be tea/coffee and biscuits for those who wish to stay for a while.
If I might end this little article on a personal note, I always look forward to and enjoy this particular service. As I stand in the fields looking out over our beautiful and peaceful countryside, together with my friends from St. Margaret’s, I always think just how fortunate I am.
Doug Ryan