If you look at the clock on St. Giles Tower you will see that it is stuck at 11.15. While this may be very reassuring to those who want another cup of coffee, it is a bit misleading. Sadly the spring which connects the pendulum to the mechanism (which was repaired only 18 months ago) has broken again, and the pendulum (a massive piece of metal) nearly fell down the tower into the ringing room! It has been taken away for repair, so for the time it remains permanent coffee time, according to the clock face. Apologies to those who use it regularly.


In St. Giles during Lent there will be a regular Friday afternoon session, starting at 3.30 pm with a DVD and discussion about it over tea and refreshments in the social meeting area. Around 5.30 the afternoon will end with Compline.

On Mothering Sunday, 11th March, there are Family Worship services at St. margaret’s at 9.15 am and at St. Giles at 11.00 am. Refreshments afterwards: do come along!

In Holy Week there will be Compline at 8.00 pm in St. Giles on Monday to Wednesday, and Eucharist at 8.00 pm on Maundy Thursday, with Washing of Feet, followed by Vigil till Midnight. On Good Friday, there is a quiet time for prayers, music and reflection from 12.00 to 3.00 pm at St. Margaret’s, and the Black Horse Sermon at the black Horse at 8.00 pm.

We welcome the end of Lent and the start of Easter on Saturday 31st March at 8.00 pm at St. Giles. We light a bonfire and bring its light into the church. We break our Lent fast with sparkling wine and nibbles!


If you want a number in the Village Draw, please contact Pam Rowell on 01727 869277. It is a monthly draw held every 3rd Monday night at Bingo. Total prize money paid out is £1,460 a year, i.e. £50 and £30 every month plus £150 and £100 in January and July. Any surplus money raised is used for Village events, e.g. the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Lunch.

Why don’t you try your luck?

February 2018
£50.00 No.102 C. Moore
£30.00 No.32 B. Wood

Homeless photo


Sometime before Christmas a very large area of 6ft. high brambles and weeds was cleared by somebody from the top corner of St. Margaret’s Churchyard. Despite making many inquiries as to whom this Good Samaritan is, we have been unable to identify him or her. The congregation at St. Margaret’s would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for doing such a great job. The Churchyard looks so much better, thanks to your efforts.

One of the problems that affect churches, particularly village churches is the decline in congregations and the increasing age of the members. Here at St. Margaret’s the majority of our members are pensioners, which unfortunately means that physical effort is not so easy. Another problem is that with such a small congregation, the amount of money collected each Sunday is also quite small. Many people think that the maintenance of the Church and Churchyard is paid for from a large pot of money at Church of England headquarters. Unfortunately that is not the case. The upkeep of St. Margaret’s and St. Giles is the responsibility of their congregations. So if the grass looks too long, or the Church feels too cold, then please remember that keeping it all nice, has to be paid for.

Both churches are open every Sunday morning, and St. Giles every Tuesday afternoon. So why not pop in occasionally, we’re all very friendly and you’ll be made very welcome.
Doug Ryan

The Benefactors of St. Giles South Mymms and their Monuments.
A short illustrated booklet adapted from a talk on Historic Churches.
£5.00 – proceeds towards the Restoration Fund.
Please contact William Marterson or Chris Cameron or collect a copy from the church on a Tuesday afternoon while enjoying a cup of tea and some cake


Before Christmas, children from Years 3 to 6 at St Giles C of E Primary School took part in a sleepover at St Giles Church to raise awareness and money for Centrepoint, the homeless charity. Teaching assistant Toni Johnson came up with the idea and wanted to help after seeing people sleeping on the streets in London. Toni said: “We all had a great night and took time to think of all those people who would be without a roof over their heads.” Each child was sponsored by family and friends to sleep in the church, as were members of staff and Rev. Karen, who took part too. The 38 children took sleeping bags, pillows, camping mats, torches, card games, teddies, but no board games were allowed in the church. Snacks and hot chocolates were brought out on trays for them while they played traditional games such as Chinese Whispers and cards.
The school is now collecting the sponsorship money but has so far beat its £300 target, raising over £1000. Pupil Phoebe Colbridge said: “We have hopefully raised enough money to get somebody back on their feet and find a place to stay.”


A new band of ringers has established itself to restart ringing at St. Margaret’s, Ridge, before morning services, ringing from 8.40 – 9.10 am. It is hoped in due course to recruit and train ringers for St. Giles. Meanwhile ringing practice is on Fridays 18.00 – 19.00 pm, alternating between St Giles, South Mymms, and St Margaret’s, Ridge.

New recruits and existing ringers of all ages are welcome. Please telephone 01923 469580 for more information.


S.M.Y & C.A would just like to say a big “thank you” to the volunteers that helped on the day of the Senior Citizens’ Christmas Lunch. Also to the Parish Council and to Tesco’s who gave donations and also thanks to Andy for supplying the vegetables for which we are most grateful.

Pam Rowell


St. Giles is open on Tuesday afternoons from 2.00 to 5.00 pm., offering tea and cakes. This has now turned into a weekly date in the village calendar, and attracts quite a number of people – and sometimes their dogs!

Please come and visit the church, either for a sociable chat, or just to enjoy the peace and quiet of this lovely building. Meet new friends and catch up with old ones. As Summer turns to Autumn and then to Winter Open Church will carry on, with some heating on, of course!