St Giles’ Mission Action Plan


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  • Beautiful building with interesting history and new facilities
  • Strong links with church school and school services in church, well attended by parents and other adults.
  • A tradition of interesting and unusual services e.g. Bread Service and Sermon in the Black Horse
  • Parish Paper produced by church for whole village
  • Village people regard the church as theirs
  • Churchyard still open, local people visit to tend graves.



  • Ageing congregation
  • Village people regard themselves as belonging to the church but few are committed to attending regularly
  • Most of the children in school are from other churches.
  • Opportunities The new kitchen and toilet allow more flexibility for social events
  • The people attending the school services can be encouraged to come to our special services
  • Threats People being drawn to larger town churches
  • Few children coming to our Sunday services
  • Abuse of the church building & churchyard by vandals

Our Vision

St Giles Church seeks to be a lively welcoming Church Community reaching out to the population of South Mymms and encouraging them to be part of our witness

Our Goals

  • To build on the relationships we already have locally.
  • To encourage people to see the church as central to the community and the activities that are part of the community life.

Our Plan

1 To encourage the people in the village to come into the church for special events

  • Step 1 Advertise all our special services, such as the Bread Service and Harvest, really well
  • Step 2. Have good receptions/gatherings after the service to ensure that people feel welcomed and part of the congregation
  • Step 3. Make sure that the liturgies for special services are accessible to all, that hymns are well known and service books easy to follow
  • Step 4. Always ensure that children from the school take an active part in special services.
  • Step 5. Invite guest preachers so that there is extra interest for regular worshippers.
  • Step 6. Develop other types of worship, such as non-Eucharistic services

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2. Make the church part of village activities

  • Step 1 Organise concerts, quizzes etc. avoiding clashing with other village events
  • Step2 Advertise activities well and giving plenty of notice.
  • Step 3 Encourage members of the congregation to take part in other activities in the village
  • Step 4. Work with the school and village hall on joint activities.


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2015-04-03 20.13.11 - Copy

Black Horse Sermon Easter 2015


3. Encourage people in the village to become involved in church life

  • Step 1. Encourage people to get involved in the production of the Parish Paper which is distributed throughout the villages.
  • Step 2. Advertise opportunities for people to try bell ringing
  • Step 3. Encourage people, including parents from school to get involved in flower arranging in church.
  • Step 4. Start a parent & toddler service and a midweek praise service for older people, with refreshments & social time