Happy Easter! For Christians the affirmation of Christ’s Resurrection, the triumph of Love over Death, is the most important time of year. Our modern age has subordinated it to Christmas, but the point of it is very clear and a great reassurance, for those who believe.

Of course there are many faiths and non-religious practices, but this time of year also holds out  hope of warmer days, the beauty of leaves unfolding and flowers coming out, so, whatever your belief, Easter is (or should be) a time of hope. Given what else is going on in the rest of our lives and in the wider world, it’s good to have something to cling on to!

As far as our churches go, it is also a busy time. The Calendar pages at the end of the issue list all the services at both St. Giles and St. Margaret’s. If any of these are not familiar to you, please drop in and sample them. There’s times for reflection and meditation (Compline at St. Giles in Holy Week, The Meditation at St Margaret’s on Good Friday) and times for good fellowship (The Black Horse Sermon on Good Friday evening, with hot cross buns, courtesy of Renata), and the joyful songs and hymns of Easter Day morning.

So whatever you do, whether it’s watching or playing sport, going off on holiday, getting together with families, eating (and drinking) and Easter Eggs (of course), we wish you a very Happy Easter!