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There are those who are fitness fanatics,
Others, just out and out gluttons.
Some feel at home with I-pads and I-phones
But others just can’t handle buttons.

Now I have no desires to while away hours
Roaming and searching the net;
Time just to fritter on Google and Twitter
Is something I just do not get.

I know I’m not Apt at using an App
And have no aspirations to Blog,
Or spend precious time just going online
To find something on which I can log

So lucky old me, I can stay Virus free,
Keeping clear of rogue emails and scams,
Not in a hash when a laptop goes crash –
You don’t know how happy I am!



Doesn’t it annoy you when you get slightly incapacitated? I have hurt my knee somehow; consequently I cannot do what I normally do such as Pilates and Tap Dancing. i can manage the singing part but then my breath leaves me when I’m standing and in pain.

Everyone says that age is just a number but when the body begins to give out on us, we feel 10 years older than we are.

I sincerely hope that this doesn’t last too long, though the Docs always attribute it to “fair wear and tear” – it’s so easy to hand out pain killers!

BA (Hons) University of Life