St. Giles Churchyard

St. Giles Churchyard



St. Giles South Mymms Churchyard is managed by the Parochial Church Council (PCC) in a manner appropriate to a country churchyard and the ethos of the Living Churchyard Scheme.

This scheme promotes the management of churchyards in a wildlife-friendly way while being sensitive to the needs of all the users, and in particular to its primary function as a resting place for the dead and a contemplative place for their friends and relatives.

The churchyard has an unusually high density of trees, including native British specimens as well as long standing immigrants and exotic trees planted in recent years. Except where shade is extreme, most areas of the churchyard support grassland rich in flora [including a county rarity], and contain a highly diverse ecology.

The churchyard contains a number of historically interesting and sizeable monuments, including a Mausoleum (which is privately owned, and not the responsibility of the PCC).

A path connects the Church School to the Church from the southern boundary of the churchyard. The state of this path, as well as of that running from the St Albans Road to Blanche Lane (a designated Right of Way, supported by a grant from Hertsmere Borough Council) must be maintained in good order.

A schematic plan of the churchyard showing the different areas accompanies this management plan, together with an aerial view.


Click on the link below to see if the family name you want is listed in any of the areas A-L on the plan. These links are currently being built, and are not complete (16th September 2015)

St. Giles Churchyard Names on Graves

St. Giles Churchyard Names AB with Areas

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The PCC will accept applications for burial in St. Giles Churchyard of people who have been resident in South Mimms or on St. Giles Electoral Roll at the time of their death, or who have recently left the village, for instance to go into care (with or near family, or residentiary, or hospital) or have a special connection with St Giles. Those who do not fit these criteria will not normally be accepted for burial in the Churchyard.

Applications for burial of ashes will be accepted on the same criteria, except that applications on behalf of non-residents who were not on the Church Electoral Roll may also be accepted, providing they have been regular attenders at St. Giles Church immediately prior to their final illness and death. In such cases their ashes may be buried in one of the communal plots for burial of ashes.

The PCC will also accept applications for burial, including of ashes, of people who have left the village at any time, where a family grave already exists, providing there is sufficient space for a shared burial.

This policy is intended to keep enough space in the Churchyard for residents of South Mimms for as long as possible, and to prevent the space being used up by people with a limited or no connection with the Church or the village.

Adopted at a PCC Meeting on 18th March 2015, and confirmed on 2nd June 2015