Most of us lead fairly busy lives. Getting the children ready for school or hurrying to a station or catching a bus, maybe trying to avoid a traffic jam as you try not to be late for work, often doing all of this and more. The mobile phone, sometimes it’s indispensable and sometimes you wish it would just stop ringing or sending you alerts which of course you have to check.

Life can seem just one continuous round of noise, of rushing here and there with never getting any time for yourself to just sit –to think –to relax.

How about if there was somewhere that you could do just that: sounds good?? Well every year on Good Friday between 12 and 3pm St Margaret’s Church opens its doors for just that opportunity. Peace and tranquillity are guaranteed. Just pop in, sit down wherever you like, no one will speak to you (you’ll possibly get a smile from others doing the same as you). You can stay for 5 minutes or for the whole 3 hours it’s totally your choice. No one will greet you and no one will say good bye. There will be some quiet music playing and an occasional reading, but nothing that will involve you at all.

So, if some ME time sounds good to you then pop in to St Margaret’s on Good Friday afternoon—April 19th.

Doug Ryan


Don’t panic, the marvellous Pizzas and Pastas we all enjoy at The Old Guinea are still available seven days a week. BUT every year around Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day as its popularly known, Sylvia and her wonderful team invite the congregations of both St. Giles and St. Margaret’s to an evening at The Old Guinea where they serve us the most delicious pancakes. They do all this at no charge, as Sylvia says “this is their contribution to support our Churches”.

The congregations donate something to the churches, and this year £154 was raised, shared between the two churches.

Our sincere thanks to everybody at The Old Guinea for a lovely evening, and for allowing us an opportunity to raise funds..

Doug Ryan