Dear FrienKarends and Neighbours,

Well summer has really arrived with a vengeance!! It was summer when I first arrived in South Mimms, and the countryside was blooming then in a way that perhaps it is a little more burned today? Certainly the spring rains are a distant memory.

It has now been over 3 years since I arrived in South Mimms and began work at St Giles. It was later that same Autumn that St Margaret’s was officially included in my responsibilities and since then I have served both Parishes to the best of my abilities. My wish would have been to continue in this role for a little while longer but sadly I am now struggling with a degree of health problems that make that wish impossible.

It has been agreed with the Diocese that I will retire and my last Sunday working in the parishes will be on October 28th. I have very much enjoyed being part of these village communities and being made so welcome by the School. I spent my childhood living on the outskirts of a village and being here has reminded me of many half forgotten memories and events. I suspect I did more tree climbing in those days, especially when ripe apples beckoned me upwards and onwards!! Hopefully apple trees and leading people astray has not been too prominent in my ministry amongst you in the past few years; but if those times did occur may I ask your forgiveness?

There will be plenty of times for further farewells, but in the meantime let us all enjoy the beautiful weather, the school holidays and let us make the most of all we share together as a living and caring community. Life doesn’t always go according to our plans, but let us trust God for whatever may be ahead of us.

May God Bless us all,