Dear FrienKarends and Neighbours,

I do hope everyone has enjoyed a Blessed and Joyful Easter. The season of Easter continues for a number of weeks, during which time we maintain the lighted Easter candle (Paschal candle) at the front of our church to remind us of the new light of Christ coming into our lives. The busy time of preparation for all the Easter celebrations is always very stressful; but that deepest Easter joy, overcoming all our sorrows, hurts and worries soon brings a new sense of renewed life and purpose to our daily lives.

Despite a windy evening on Easter Eve, the bonfire took light really well and the Easter candle was at last persuaded to stay alight long enough to get it into the church porch. Slowly the church became a place of glowing candle light and all the flowers and freshly cleaned brass were glorious to behold. I would like to thank all those people who are involved in any way in maintaining the churches at Ridge and South Mimms in the way they do. It is a thankless task at times, trying to remove cobwebs from high corners, sweeping into difficult spaces and trying to cope with all that candle wax! And that is before any polishing can take place! Thank you to everyone who helps in this way.

Many of you will be aware that we have had some subsidence problems with the St Giles church building. Investigations were undertaken in December last year. We have finally received the report just before Easter. The recommendations are not as drastic as we had originally anticipated, they are:

• Some repairs to the existing drainage system
• A continued monitoring of any changes to the NE corner of the building
• When the movement has been stable for a reasonable time, the flooring of the Frowyke Chapel, (currently very uneven with some floor tiles broken) needs to be relaid.
• Once the flooring has been relaid we can then use the Frowyke Chapel again. Alleluia!

This good news enables us to proceed further with the North Aisle changes, to give more space for children and adults to use this area during services, for meetings and for refreshments. We are also planning to open the Church for a short time one day during the week, serving tea, coffee and cakes. Watch this space for further details and come and enjoy some time with your friends.

May God Bless us all,