Dear FrienKarends and Neighbours,

My garden is beginning to show signs of spring, crocus and snowdrops are emerging from their winter hibernation and the evenings are beginning to be lighter. There is even some sun in the sky sometimes. At this rate, very soon the grass will need cutting!!

Many of you will be aware of the worries we are currently experiencing at St Giles. We still await the final report from the experts as to what and how we may proceed to stabilise the subsidence that has arisen and to endeavour to avoid further damage. We will let everyone know what is happening as soon as we are made aware of the best way forward, as I am sure we are all concerned for the future conservation of our village Church.

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday 1st March this year. There will be services in St. Giles church that day for the school at 9:15 and also in the evening at 8.00 pm.

During the weeks following 1st March there will be showings of the DVD ‘Chocolat’ (12+) in the church. The first showing will be the full film on Saturday 4th March at 10:30am and in subsequent weeks short excerpts will be shown with an opportunity for people to discuss the different characters in the film. Starting week commencing 6th March these will be on Saturday & Monday mornings at 10:30 and Friday afternoons at 2pm. Everyone is welcome – no charge. Tea and coffee will be served.

Mothering Sunday falls on March 26th when there will be a special family service at 11:00 am.

As the Spring weather arrives, it helps to remind us that the cold of winter may be difficult to bear but does gradually fade away. This applies not just to our physical climate but to those times in our lives when it feels like winter, our hearts are heavy and our energies low; it can be difficult to get up in the morning and welcome the new day. These times are hard and they often feel unending, but one day you do begin to feel again the warmth of the sun and be aware of the brightness in the sky. That is when our winters are over, both physically and spiritually and we can welcome the light into our lives once again.

May God Bless us all during this coming Lent