Dear friends and neighbours,

First of all, the Editors would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. For those of us who are Christian, this period is a joyful time, celebrating Christ’s resurrection. For those of other faiths or none, April and May see the return of sun and warmth, the renewal of life in our gardens and around us, the end of Winter. It’s a holiday season, as well as a Holy Day one, so – enjoy!

As for the two churches, St. Giles and St. Margaret’s, we have now been without a Vicar since the end of October, and our attempts to recruit a replacement for Karen Turner have so far not succeeded. We have advertised on the Diocese’s website and on another (Pathways), and also in the Church Times, but while there has been an enquiry for further information, no-one has yet applied for the post. We have set a new date for Interviews, in early July. As the representative of the Patronage Board has said, it’s disappointing, but maybe third time lucky.

Meanwhile we continue with the normal routine of church services and other activities. On Mothering Sunday (31st March) we will greet again the Revd. Diane Clark and there will be a special Family Service to honour and thank our Mothers. Over Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day we are honoured to have all our services (both churches) taken by Archdeacon Janet Mackenzie. This includes Compline at St. Giles on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 8.00 (a short 15 minute service); special Masses on Maundy Thursday and Easter Eve; Meditation in St. Margaret’s church from 12.00 to 3.00 pm (see Doug Ryan’s article elsewhere), and of course, the Black Horse Sermon. Details and times are listed in the Calendars on the back pages Quite a marathon for our Archdeacon, who wants to share our Easter Journey with us!

We are also grateful to the Revd. Atalie Gaines from King Charles the Martyr, Potters Bar, for taking School Services in church, and also in School; and for hosting us on Ash Wednesday, when there was no service in St. Giles

And then there’s the Saga of the Frowyk Chapel, reported elsewhere in the Paper. All in all, a busy April and May.

With my best wishes,
William Marsterson, Churchwarden, St. Giles