Dear friends and neighbours,

Alan Bennett once wrote a play called Getting On. The central character has a long speech in which he describes how September is the real start to the year. Various terms start then – School, University, Parliament, Law Courts and so on. We’ve come back from holiday refreshed (hopefully) and ready for a new start

One thing which will be starting by the time this Paper is delivered is the works in St. Giles to repair the Frowyk Chapel. Following investigations, the first visible step will be the dismantling of the monumental tomb. Its constituent parts will be stored in the Chancel, and the small altar will be brought forward to the east end of the Nave, so the church will seem a bit smaller. There will be a break and towards the end of the year there will be more dismantling and excavation, and in due course rebuilding and restoration, which will go on till next April or May. By then we hope to see the chapel re-opened, and restored to its former glory, please God.

All this will cost the church a lot of money. Do please read and respond to the flier delivered with the Parish Paper. We need help from the Community, and we need to show other big funders that we have your support. Please!!!

I wrote last time about the Bike ’n Hike event on 14th September. It was a lovely fine day, not too hot for walking or cycling, and four brave souls associated with St. Giles took part by visiting a number of churches. I am delighted to report that between them they raised around £1,700 in sponsorship, which, when Gift Aid has been added, means the Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust will get over £2,000. And, thankfully (in view of the plea for help in the previous paragraph) the Trust will give back to the church half the money raised – about £850. Well done to those plucky four, and many thanks to all their supporters.

So the Editors wish all our readers a Happy New Year (or a Happy Autumn, if you prefer), as we look forward to its regular events – Harvest Festivals, Hallowe’en, Remembrance Sunday. In our next issue will be advertising Christmas events – how time flies!

With my best wishes,
William Marsterson, Churchwarden, St. Giles