Vicar’s Letter


This issue starts with an Editorial, as Fr. Ayoob was away on holiday at the time the Paper was put together. We have now had a Curate-in-Charge for nearly half a year, and already we have seen changes for the better. We now have a priestly presence in both villages, and that is very welcome. Fr. Ayoob is also keen to make the churches more accessible to people, so we have started informal services at the start of the month, followed by a Bring and Share lunch in the Village Halls. The first was at Ridge on July 3rd and the next will be in South Mymms, on September 4th, when we will celebrate St. Giles Day. Meanwhile School Services have resumed in St. Giles Church every other Monday, with a School Assembly on alternate weeks.

The arrangement set up by Rev. Atalie Gaines, Priest-in-Charge for both parishes is also working well, with Fr. Ayoob taking services at King Charles the Martyr, Mutton Lane on the fourth Sunday of every month, while Rev. Atalie takes services in Ridge and South Mymms.

Have a look, also, at the Village Hall Bookings on the inside back cover of the Paper. There are several new bookings and some of the regular events have had to be re-arranged to make way for them. It’s really good that village life is returning (really, has returned) to normal, after two “interesting” years. (Old Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times”). While we have had some good innovations during the initial Covid years (Zoom/Teams; video streaming and so on), we are social animals, and lack of human contact has had some pretty poor results on mental health and wellbeing.

Much of this issue reports and illustrates the way both villages celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on June 5th. Fr. Ayoob opened the South Mymms celebrations on the Glebeland: Photos on pages 8-9. This edition carries a lot of photographs, mostly in colour. We need more advertisers to help finance the Parish Paper – it’s ridiculously cheap by commercial standards, but it does help us to cover the cost of printing, particularly in colour, which costs 10 times as much to print as in black and white. So if anyone would like to advertise their business, do please get in touch with William Marsterson, contact details on the inside front cover.

Meanwhile, keep safe, everyone, over the rest of the Summer, and we hope you have a good one!                                                                                      The Editors